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Colorful Stylus Multi-Pack Assortments for all Devices

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- Specialty: Make writing on your phone or tablet easy as can be with a smooth gliding stylus with soft tip!

Choice 1: Colorful Stylus Multi-Pack Assortment for all Devices 

Choice 2: Mini Stylus Multi-Pack Assortment for all Devices With Ear Plug Jack


Choice 1: Product Features:

  •   Soft head for protecting your touch screen.  
  •   Compact and light weight design, easy to carry.  
  •   Keep your screen free from scratching and fingerprint.  
  •   Clip design, can be clipped in your pocket, book, diary, etc.  
  •   Compatible with Apple iPad, iPhone 5 ,iPhone 4S/4G/3G/3GS, iPod, Tablets or other touch screens.  

Product Details:

  •   1. Type: Stylus Pen  
  •   2. Material: Aluminum/ Alloy  
  •   3. Quantity: 2 pc per color/ 10 pcs  
  •   4. Weight: 28g  
  •   5. Length:  Approx 11.5 cm  
  •   6. Diameter: Approx 0.7 cm  
  •   7. Color:  Black, Blue, Red, Pink, Purple

Choice 2: Product Features:

  • Cute, colorful, short stylus pens in 10-pack
  • Insert into headphone jack for easy carrying and loss prevention
  • Perfect for smartphone or tablet
  • Colors may vary


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